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Damon Hernandez

FROM: A native Texan that has been enjoying the San Francisco, California air since 2006.

MISSION: I am a firm believer in leaving this blue marble better than I found it. I am fortunate enough to do what I love with the best and brightest from around the world each day.

- practicing musical instruments
- martial arts
- learning new languages
- travel


I have worked in many areas of the Web3D Industry and have been active in virtual environments and the 3D web since 2000. I am actively involved with the 3D web’s convergence with CAD/BIM/CAM models and other technologies including AR/VR systems, digital fabrication, advanced manufacturing, and connected devices. Over my career I have worked with various entities using 3D web and interactive 3D technologies for multi-user environments & real world industries. As an international speaker I have presented to thousands of people in over a dozen countries on these topics.

My skills as an interactive media designer, web developer, and project manager have allowed me to work on some great projects with awesome people. I have built and worked with teams on numerous mixed reality (web3D, VR, AR) applications and have lead projects in multiple domains.

In the day I am at Samsung’s Silicon Valley research lab working on making the web browsing experience awesome and enhanced with WebVR (web based virtual reality). At night I am a co-founder of IDEAbuilder, a high tech building company that uses immersive technologies and robotic manufacturing to build structures more efficiently. While we help others from various built environment related professions, our main focus is on timber fabrication and improving the way homes are built.

Being a tech standards guy I work with the Web3D Consortium’s global outreach and education initiatives for the open 3D Web.

I also sit on the advisory board of several startups in the immersive tech space.


I am a big fan of community. I run a social event in my neighborhood called SoMa Movie Night and a variety of tech meetups including the San Francisco WebGL Meetup group. I’m also on the organizing team for the 3D Web Fest, a festival that showcases exhibits that mix art and web technology.

To help with the education and adoption of more innovative technologies among tech developers, I have been a founding member of different developer groups. I was a founding team member of the Augmented Reality Developer Camps back in 2008 and kickstarted the now global VRHackathon.com hackathon series.

In 2013 I founded the A.E.C. Hackathon. The A.E.C. (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) Hackathon was created to give those designing, building, and maintaining our built environment the opportunity to collaborate with cutting edge technologies and its developers and designers. It’s a weekend of geeking at its finest for improving the industries that affect all that live or work in a house or building. It has quickly become a global community of innovators that include all elements of the built environment.


I have been honored to present at these places

* IoT World Event 2017 Santa Clara, USA
* Vision Summit 2017 Los Angeles, USA
* Silicon Valley VR Expo 2017 - San Jose, USA
* VR Gaming Summit - San Francisco, USA
* MIT Reality, Virtually, Hackathon - Cambridge, USA
* Northeast JavaScript Conference - Stamford, USA
* Smart Cities Summit - Stamford, USA
* CONSTRUCT 2016 Conference - Austin, USA
* SCS Professional Development Event - Singapore
* REAL 2016 - San Francisco, USA
* Augmented World Event 2016 - Santa Clara, USA
* AEC Expo 2016 - Los Angeles, USA
* CSI 2015 events - various locations
* IoT World 2015 - San Francisco, USA
* NVIDIA GPU Conference 2014 - San Jose, USA
* IEEE Internet of Things Workshop - Silicon Valley
* SimLibrary 2013 - Denmark

* MORGO 2011 - New Zealand
* Augmented Reality Event 2011 - Santa Clara, USA
* Innovation Lab NEXT 2010 - Aarhus, Denmark
* W3C Workshop: Augmented Reality on the Web - Barcelona,Spain
* Virtual Worlds and User Driven Innovation - Copenhagen, Denmark
* Augmented Reality Event 2010 - Santa Clara, USA
* AR Dev Camp - Vancouver, Canada
* Digital Kung Fu - Centre for Digital Media, Canada
* Where2.0 - San Jose, USA
* Media X Virtual Medical Environments Workshop - Stanford, USA
* AR Dev Camp - Mountain View, USA
* MetaverseU 2009 - Stanford, USA
* Royal Academy of Cambodia - Phnom Pehn, Cambodia
* Web3D Outreach Meeting - NASA Ames Mountain View,USA
* Virtual Worlds Roadmap - Palo Alto, USA
* Web3D Tech Talk 2008 SIGGRAPH - Los Angeles, USA
* ICCIE Summit 2007 - Beijing, China
...and more since 2005!

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